Awesome Features

Flyero App provides awesome features to love your shopping again and again.

  • Digital Offer Flyers

    We will connect your flyers to a large amount of engaged shoppers.

  • Easy shopping

    Your customer can search for items, brands, and stores to quickly find what they need.

  • Digital Shopping list

    Shoppers downloads Flyero to create their shopping list on hand while they shop.

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  • Share to save.

    A shopper can share offer flyers through WhatsApp or other accounts to their favorite ones.

  • Coupons & Deals

    Shopper gets best deals and offers from their favorite stores.

  • Notification

    Shopper will get notifications before their shopping items expire.

How It Works?

Flyero is not an online purchasing app, We bring the shoppers to your stores.

Turn to Digital Flyers

Flyero shares your latest weekly ads, deals, and coupons to a ready to buy audience at right time..

Save money while advertising

Stores can save up to 50% of money when advertising offers in all seasons

Insights and Reports

Flyero provides analytics and insights to better understand consumer shopping behavior.

Find your customers and grow business

Flyero helps in creating a better shopping experience to the customers it also helps customers save time and money. This feature will have customers use Flyero application.

Easy to Use

People are online and thus retailers can connect the customers at anytime.

Monitor & Manage

Flyero helps in creating a better shopping experience to the customers it also helps customers save time and money.

Stay Connected

To enhance and enrich the experience of the customers Flyero works as search engine to find the physical shops in town and affordable.

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Benefits of Retailer's

With Flyero app large number of consumers access your digital shopping content to help plan shopping and find deals on the items and brands they love.

  • Your digital content will be the most powerful way to drive purchasing decisions than paper flyers.

  • Stores can optimize flyer performance through analytical insights.

  • Connecting your contents to the right customers in right time.

  • Retailer can promote their offer contents in digital way at free of cost.

  • FLyero provides Ad services in minimum cost.

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